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Miami Ice Club




► Experience the power of Breathwork and Ice Baths here, in Miami!
► Improve your overall Wellbeing, Be Happy, Healthy and Strong!
 Improve your focus, reduce stress, and have more energy 
► Relieve pain, and other symptoms from chronic conditions

Money back guarantee: if you finish but don't enjoy the course, we refund your money no questions asked

This is a great short intro to the Breathwork and Ice Baths, and how we practice at the Miami Ice Club (It is also our new member orientation course). It consists of 2 sessions. The first one should be any Saturdays 11am at the Miami Ice Club South Beach. The second class, you can come to any scheduled session. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RESERVE A SPOT, simply buy this pass and come any Friday. 

In these 2 sessions you will learn the basics of Breathwork and Cold Plunges, along side seasoned practitioners, who are members of the Miami Ice Club, under the guidance of a Certified Instructor, and/or an assistant. 

Session 1: You will learn the basic breathwork and the mindset needed to practice the Wim Hof Method, and experience your first Cold exposure: a 2-min ICE BATH! We will guide you though it and show you that you can do a lot more than you think you can.

Your homework will be to practice the breathwork at home and take cold showers, to prepare you for your next session. 

Session 2: The first session is a lot of new information and emotions. This session is about really experiencing the practice without the distractions and nervousness of the first time experience. You will review the breathwork, and learn improved breathing Mechanic techniques, to learn to GO DEEPER! Then, you will get in to your second ice bath (ready for 3 minutes in the ice?).  By the end of your second session you will really get a great feeling for the practice!

After you can choose to join the Miami Ice Club by purchasing a Membership, or stopping by every now and then with Drop-ins.. 

NOTE: This is not a replacement for the Wim Hof Fundamentals Course, which covers science and physiology of the Method, and all Members take at some point. We encourage you also sign up for the next Fundamentals Course, so you have all the information, not just the basics covered in this intro. 

"The Miami Ice Club is a membership only club, to encourage continuous involvement in the practice of the Breathwork and Ice Baths with an amazing Community"

This club was started by Donato Helbling, a Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor. Wim's story and techniques have served as inspiration and as the base of the work we do to the Ice Club. Wanna know more about the WHM? Watch this video!

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