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Miami Ice Club

ONE DAY PASS (Experienced practitioners only) (PALOMAR)

ONE DAY PASS (Experienced practitioners only) (PALOMAR)

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This is a special deal for those who cannot make it to the Miami Ice Club consistently, which is ONLY AVAILABLE TO EXPERIENCED PRACTITIONERS or those just getting started but have already completed our 2-Class Intro Course.

Are you visiting from out of town so you can't commit to 2 classes? Looking for a place to breath and take a nice Ice Bath? Cold Plunge addict with nowhere to go? Wanna check out our Ice Club? No problem, to buy this pass, and come to any of our classes, just let the teacher know. 

The Miami Ice Club is a membership only club, to encourage continuous involvement in the practice of the Wim Hof Method. Therefore by you purchasing this day pass you understand that it is a special and NON REFUNDABLE deal, even if there are any schedule changes or cancellations that prevent you from using the pass.